We at Alderbrook Homes™ provide the tools to make educated decisions throughout the entire construction process, ensuring you feel comfortable every step of the way.

With every home we build, we meet with you on several occasions to discuss various stages of the process. Below is our standard building method. Every home and every homebuyer are different and we are happy to adjust the process to make you as comfortable as possible.

Floor Plans and Permitting

After the contract paperwork is completed and you have decided on the floor plan and features you want, we next apply for a building permit and our financing to build your home. Simultaneously, we will have your floor plan redrawn if necessary, as well as create a plot plan showing how your home will sit on your site. This will hinge on your approval.

Color Meeting

At this meeting, we will get together to choose each of your interior and exterior colors and finishes at our model home. Bring your ideas and custom features if you have any in mind.

Pre-Construction Meeting

At this meeting, we will discuss and confirm the features in your home. We will also go over upcoming decisions and what to expect through the next months.

Electrical Walk-Through

After your home is framed, we will meet at your home site to discuss where your electrical outlets and lights will be placed. We can make any changes or additions as you see fit.

Landscape Walk-Through

When the home is near completion, we will meet with you on the home site to discuss the landscaping plan. We would love to incorporate any ideas you may have.

Final Walk-Through

Once your home is complete, we will meet with you at your home to check for any needed touch-ups and show you how to operate your new appliances, heating/cooling system and fireplace.


Once your home has closed, we hand over the keys!

After-The-Sale Customer Service

If you have any problems with your home within the first year, please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can solve them right away. After the first year, our 2-10 Warranty will go into effect, adding additional protection to your investment.

As a family owned and operated business, we understand the importance of home, family, and living the American Dream. With decades of experience and hundreds of homes in our portfolio, we've earned our reputation for quality construction, excellent customer service, and on-schedule delivery.